Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote in snbprov,

Wednesday at AS220

Since it seems that many of the regular SnBProv folks will be coming to my CD release party on Wednesday, I think we'll just try moving SnB there altogether.

The doors for the show won't open until 8 pm, but if people want to meet sooner, there is actually a decent amount of seating in the bar area of AS220 -- plus dinner is available from AS220 Foo(d), which in my opinion is generally pretty tasty. You can see their menu here..

If you want to stick around for the show, here is the information about it:
WHEN: 8 pm
WHERE: AS220, 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI

The K.C. Moaners, the Smile Makers, and the Sentimental Favorites will help me and the Running Commentary celebrate the release of my new CD. Kickstarter donors get in free.

People who have not heard my music can can listen to it here.
Knitting or other crafting at the show is welcomed.

Hope to see you Wednesday if not sooner.

Next week things should be back to normal and I think we'll meet at the Bagel Gourmet Cafe again, unless people would prefer to go somewhere else.
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