Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote in snbprov,
Jacob Haller

At AS220 Labs tonight

Tonight we'll be back at the AS220 labs in the Mercantile Block at 6:30 pm.

To get there, go to the corner of Mathewson and Washington Streets downtown, walk east on Mathewson past Local 121 and then past the AS220 gallery at 95 Mathewson Street. There will be a small alley named Lucie Way on your left. Go down Lucie Way and AS220 Labs is about halfway down, right after the Mexican restaurant. More information about the location can be found on AS220's website.

We will be upstairs this week, so if you don't see anyone through the door don't worry. Just ring the bell or call me at 401-419-0367 and someone will let you in.

We welcome crafters of all types and experience levels.
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