Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote in snbprov,
Jacob Haller

SnBProv new location tonight

Hi all,

This week we're going to try having SnB at the AS220 labs in the Mercantile Block.

This is a completely separate building from the main AS220 building you are probably familiar with and is some streets away. Specifically, the entrance is on Lucie Way, which runs parallel to Washington Street off of Mathewson (behind Local 121). Here is some more information about the location.

Again, this is not the main AS220 building where there are shows and things, nor is it the building at 95 Mathewson Street, although it is right next to the latter. If necessary, you can call me at 401-419-0367 -- I am planning to be there at 6:30 pm.

I gather they are very excited to have us and I am looking forward to knitting there! Thanks to katrinkles for putting this together and for clarifying to me where the building is exactly.

They don't have food at this location, but there are a number of good restaurants nearby -- I have heard recommendations for 'Viva Mexico' just down the street I think, and I will probably try that.

Hope to see you tonight!
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