Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote in snbprov,
Jacob Haller

Tomorrow at Lippett Park/Three Sisters

With the turn of the seasons, and a nice forecast in the offing, we're going to try meeting outside for the first time this year!

You should be able to find us at Lippett Park, which is on Hope Street in Providence near the Pawtucket border. When it gets dark, or if the weather looks bad, we will move to Three Sisters, which is across the street from Lippett Park at 1074 Hope Street.

There is on-street parking, and if we end up at Three Sisters there is also a parking lot behind the building. I plan to get there around 6:30 pm.

I think we'll probably keep meeting here through the summer, so unless I post otherwise, assume that that's the case. You can always check the Facebook group for last-minute updates.

As always, crafters of all descriptions and experience levels are welcomed, and there aren't any dues or anything like that.
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